Will your grandchildren have it as good as we do?

Bundle a permanent life insurance policy with scholarship funding to ensure they do.

Receive help when needed

Unlock access to scholarship money

Provide lifetime protection

Breaking Down The Gift 4 A Lifetime™ Plan

Founded by a 30-year veteran financial professional, the Gift 4 A Lifetime program was created to give you, grandparents and great grandparents, the opportunity to help the next generation as they head off into a world much different than the one we grew up in.

The future holds exciting opportunities, and a few unavoidable challenges too.

The Gift 4 A Lifetime plan is a program designed to include:

Academic scholarships for college and other post-secondary education opportunities

The National Scholarship between $1,500 - $2,000

The Academic Performance Scholarship $1,000 - $1,500 per year for four years

The Student Debt Program of $500 per year for four years for recent college graduates

Permanent life insurance protection or a retirement savings annuity

The backing of GCU Life Insurance Company of Pennsylvania, USA

An eligibility and qualification process designed to build faith, character, and values

A growth experience that transforms kids into blossoming young adults

A life insurance policy or retirement account they can keep for a lifetime

*2021-2022 Award Years
GCU Scholarship Details

I still have the policy my parents bought me when I was just a toddler. I’m now 68 and I’m doing the same thing for my grandchildren. Maybe they’ll do the same for their grandkids someday.”

-Henry | Branson, MO

Hey, I’m Todd.

At my core, I believe in the value of service. That belief is why I served over twenty-five years in the U.S. Army, both active duty and reserves. It’s also how I earned the privilege of helping people from all walks of life as their financial problem solver.

I’ve been married to my wife Diana for thirty-seven years, have four grown children, and five grandchildren. And frankly, I‘m convinced that it’s never been more important to have your money work for you while also protecting it from unnecessary risk.

Why mention any of this? Because I’ve seen a thing or two.

In the thousands of conversations I’ve had with individuals over the years, they’ve offered me a front-row seat to their hopes, dreams, and aspirations. And, as we discuss one’s twilight years in retirement, the topic almost always comes around to discussing their legacy and how they can pass on their love, wisdom, and help to their children and grandchildren.

When I ask clients, “Do you think your grandchildren and great grandchildren will have it as good as you do?”, the answer, almost without exception, is a resounding no.

That’s exactly why I built and believe in the power of the Gift 4 A Lifetime plan.

Helping your grandchildren is not just about giving them some money and hoping they use it for good. It’s a tool grandparents, guardians, and loved ones can use to make a difference long after they’re gone.

Todd Allen

A Gift 4 A Lifetime Case Study

See the numbers for yourself.

Case Study

Ethan – Age 2 
Grandparents Bert and Joan pay a $50 per month
premium payment

$50/month for only 20 years - policy is then fully "paid up"

$10,000 of potential scholarships and student debt payments

$100,889 life policy paid up (no further premiums) at year 20

$12,575 cash surrender value at year 20

*GCU Illustration dates 11/23/2021. Legacy Advantage 20 (20 pay life) age 2 males, State of South Carolina.

Now is the perfect time to present the Gift 4 A Lifetime.

Scholarships to help

with the rising costs of education and training

Cash value ready when needed

for we all need help at one time or another

Protection for a lifetime

and the peace that comes with ongoing coverage

Continue making an impact

and keep your memory alive long after you’re gone

Outline of analog clock

Seize the moment

because they’ll never be younger than they are today

Pay it forward

through your generous example

I’m not sure that just giving a young person a bunch of money when they’re 18 is necessarily going to help them. It might make things worse. We liked the idea that this program will work for decades to come, even after we’re gone!”

-Thomas and Rhonda | Sarasota, FL

Underwritten and Backed by GCU Life Insurance
Company of Pennsylvania, USA!

You get the confidence and peace of mind that your money is carefully managed and processed, from start to finish. With over $2.2 billion* under management and 47,000 active members, GCU has paid out over $1.2 billion* in member benefits in the last ten years alone. And, if that wasn’t enough, GCU regularly donates over $1 million each year to charities throughout the U.S.

Through the purchase of a permanent life insurance policy or a retirement savings annuity, your grandchild or great grandchild becomes a member of the fraternal GCU Life Insurance company. As a result, they are automatically eligible to apply for multiple academic or trade school scholarships.

*Annual Reports 2011-2020

The National Scholarship: $1,500-$2,000 one time award

The Academic Scholarship: $1,000-$1,500 annual award, each year for up to four years

The Student Debt Program: $500 per year for four years for recent college graduates

Plus, students are never in competition with each other, but instead qualify themselves when accomplishing their own list of objectives.

Every student can qualify!** 

**National and Academic Scholarships Only

Ready to Pay it Forward for Someone You love?

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I’ve been fortunate in my life. Working hard used to be enough to build a nice life but I’m not sure that is enough anymore. My parents bought a life insurance policy for me and I still have it. The G4AL allows me to help my kids in the same way my parents helped me.”

-Ralph | Jackson, MS

Fast forward into the future for just a moment.

You want to offer a lifetime of help and love. Your grandchild is now a parent and you’ve been gone for a long time. Your memory, love, and wisdom still live on as they pause to look at the GCU Life Insurance Policy you purchased for them many years ago. Every time they receive their annual policy statement they think of you!

As a young adult, this policy made them a member of the GCU fraternal family and eligible for the GCU scholarship and debt payment programs. Those opportunities helped fund their education and prepare them for a lifetime ahead.

The cash value in their policy proved to be a quick and ready source of money for those occasions and opportunities when unexpected things happened–and life always happens.

Without fail, they repay the policy loan so it’s ready and available again. (Because there’s always a next time.)

And that lifetime legacy? It comes full circle when they pass on your act of stewardship and generosity to their children. The lesson is handed down. Your love continues. Your memory lives on.

That’s the Gift 4 A Lifetime.

Bundle a permanent life insurance policy with scholarship funding

I love the fact that all of the requirements my daughter will have to accomplish in order to qualify for the scholarship are also good for her heart and soul!”

-Barbara | Charlotte, NC

As you get older in life, you learn things don’t always work out the way we want. Having a life insurance policy that is completely paid for helps protect my grandson’s future family from the bad things that can happen.”

-Roger | Richmond, VA

Will our grandchildren and great grandchildren have it as good as we do?
A Gift 4 A Lifetime helps ensure they will!

Why purchase a life insurance policy for your grandchild?

It’s not what you think!

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Frequently Asked Questions

My grandchild is young and healthy. Why do I need to purchase life insurance for them?

We know that thinking about anything happening to your grandchild is tough – but that’s why Gift 4 A Lifetime is so important. Learn more about the top six reasons you should purchase life insurance for a child here.

What scholarships does Gift 4 A Lifetime include?

The National Scholarship between $1,500 - $2,000.
The Academic Performance Scholarship $1,000 - $1,500 per year for four years.
The Student Debt Program of $500 per year for four years for recent college graduates.

At what ages is the child eligible for a Gift 4 A Lifetime policy?
From 8 weeks old to age 22.
Can I purchase a policy with a one-time payment?
Yes. Single payments or ongoing payments are available.
Do I have to transfer ownership to my child?
No. You can retain ownership for as long as you wish. A transfer is not required at any time.
If I transfer the life insurance policy to the child, will they have to pay any taxes?
No. Transfer of the policy to the insured is an exemption from the gift taxing rules.
Is the Gift 4 A Lifetime plan available in all states?
We are available in 31 states and the District of Columbia.
Is there a minimum policy size or savings balance?
The Gift 4 A Lifetime plans start as low as $25/month for life insurance or a savings balance of $2,000 in an annuity.
What is the relationship between Gift 4 A Lifetime and GCU Life Insurance company?

Gift 4 A Lifetime is the marketing program name of Provisor Financial, a licensed broker for GCU Life Insurance company.

Bundle a permanent life insurance policy
with scholarship funding

Will our grandchildren and great grandchildren have it as good as we do?
A Gift 4 A Lifetime helps ensure they will!